Trabzon: Mentioned in the memoirs of Marco Polo andEvliya Çelebi, Trabzon, with its cultural andnatural riches, is a livablecity throughout the seasons.

The city, which was initially named asTrazepos, lies in a beautifulcountrysidebetweenthe Black Seacoast and themountainsZigane.

The city, which had lived under the reign of many civilizations throughout centuries, was taken by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror during the Ottoman Conquest. It eventually became a city of the Republic of Turkey that was founded in 1923.

The festivities and activities organized in this city, famous for its folk dances and authentic instrument, the fiddle, provide for great entertainment.

Trabzon attracts the attention primarily for its silver and gold processing; and is famous for its specially designed bracelets called "Trabzon Bileziği."

A trading center of increasing value Trabzon, thanks to its rainy climate, is also rich in fertile lands.

Blessed with all colors of green the city invites visitors to discover its natural wonders! 


Historyof the Port

Although the Port of Trabzon had beenconstructed on the Moloz region at first, it has been established again duringthe years of 117 and 119 BC by carving the rocks on place, where the CustomsAdministration stands today, since the existing port area had raised theinterest then.

 A port and a quay had been started to beconstructed on the old quay area by Hasan Pasha and this port has beencompleted in 1903 by the Governor Mazhar Pasha. During those days, the Port ofTrabzon was amongst 5 important ports of the Ottoman Empire.

 The new port, whose foundations has beenlaid on 8th of July 1946, was completed on 25th of June1954 and has been opened for service as the Trabzon Vessel berthed on the port.Port of Trabzon, which had maintained its current state until 1978, has   been taken on to the agenda as to bemodernised in order that it could cater for the increased sea traffic and theconstruction works, which has started in 1980, was completed in 1990 and theport was brought into its current state.

 (X) The operational rights of the Port ofTrabzon for the duration of 30 years has been taken over on 21.11.2003 by  Trabzon Port Operations INC, which isaffiliated company of ALBAYRAK Group, as the tender that was opened by theRepublic of Turkey Prime Ministry Privatisation Administration, was awarded tothe company.

 Locationof the Port

Port of Trabzon is located between North 4057’ 30’’ latitude and East 40 02’ 30’’ longitude and North 41 06’ 36’’ and East39 25’ 00’’ longitude. In other words, it is situated within the line that isdrawn towards the North direction between  the Narlik foreland onEast and the Isikli foreland on West and the coastline that is bordered withthe Turkish Territorial Waters.

 SilkRoad and the Port

The city of Trabzon, where the sea and thehistory intersect each other and its Port, where it is situated over thehistorical Silk Road, has been a centre, where religions, languages andcultures amalgamated for centuries, has been a commercial gateway  towardsIran on the East, Russia and Caucasus  onthe North. Genovese  and Venetian hadused this port and have sold  woollenfabrics, canvas and silk goods. During the Ottoman Empire era on the otherhand, Trabzon has found itself at the focal point of the commerce that were carriedout towards Iran, Iraq, India, Russia and Caucasus, because of its port.

SilkRoad and the Port of Trabzon

The historical Silk Road, on whichcaravans  had carried richness of theEast over to the West throughout the two thousand years, has connected twocontinents and three sea basins together. The Silk Road had also made thecultural exchange possible between civilisations besides being a commercialroad that had connected Asia over to Europe. The Silk Road, which starts from China and branches over more than oneroute at the Central Asia, had used the road over Trabzon as one of itsimportant routes and richness of the East has been moved over to the Westthrough the route over the Port of Trabzon.

SilkRoad and the Port of Trabzon

Trabzon has been established on the coastof the Black Sea, which has connections over to larger seas of the World andwhich is the largest inland sea of the world and it is located at an strategicpoint as it is at the starting  point ofthe transit road to Iraq, Russia and Turkic Republics and especially to Iran.The Port of Trabzon has a key role for the connection of these countries overto the European and the World markets.

Port Operations Group

The Port of Trabzon has been taken over (asthe operational rights) for 30 year duration from the Republic of TurkeyPrivatisation Administration on 22nd November 2003.  The Port of Trabzon, which connects Europe andAsia to each other, is continuing its mission of being the modern Silk Road asbeing the heart of the sea transportation.








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