Burgas, Bulgaria

Is it possible to take a bath where ancient Romans did it? Let’s start for Burgas in search of the answer.
Origin of the name. Burgas was founded as an Ancient Greek city under the name Pyrgos that means “tower”.
History. Pyrgos was founded by colonists from the Greek colony Apollonia (modern Sozopol). It is much younger than its neighbor-cities, and, in contrast, always remained a provincial town. In 1829, when the city was occupied by Russian troops during the Russian-Turkish war of 1828-29 there were 5 thousand citizens, mostly Turks and Greeks, mainly engaged in trade. Main export products: wool, butter and cheese.
Prior to the beginning of the 20th century Burgas was a tiny town with a population about 3 thousand people. The development of the city began after the construction of the port in 1903 by the French company “Batignolles”. Soon there were 18 foreign companies in Burgas. The city began a new life. Today Burgas is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria.
Modern Burgas is the city of parks and festivals. The largest, Sea Garden, 7 km in length, connects the port with the city center. It is the favorite place for tourist and citizens. During weekends parents with children come here to feed animals at the zoo, to ride on merry-go-rides. Here, in the summer period in the concert hall that may seat 2,500, the most famous in Eastern Europe music festival “Golden Orpheus” takes place.
The biggest attractions of Burgas are baths, known since Roman times, the oldest in Bulgaria. They are located near the healing springs and are still in effect.
Nowadays Sozopol, a resort town near Burgas, bears little resemblance to a thriving Greek metropolis, only archeological excavations of ancient Apollonia remind of its past mightiness.
As Nessebar, Sozopol is a sort of city-museum under the open sky. Along small back alleys near their homes old women sit, knitting lace and selling fig jam – such nice scenes from leisurely city life give it a special charm.
All Bulgarian resort towns have a unique feature - they are so comfortable and relaxing, that you wish to stay here longer. Sitting in a cozy restaurant or on a park bench enjoying the view of lush greenery and elegant sculptures you completely forget about the worries. Pleasant memories of these places remain for a lifetime.


  Pyrgos Fortress
Burgas Baths
Sea Garden and Zoo
Art Gallery
Ethnographic Museum
SS. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral
Burgas regional Historic Museum
Sozopol – 31 km from Burgas:
Old churches of Bulgarian National Revival – St. Zosimus and Blessed Virgin
Archeological Museum
Architectural medieval ensemble in the city center
Art Gallery in the house fishmonger Lakridis built in the 17th century