The Black Sea
Origin of the name.
 The sea was called Euxine Sea by Greek colonists that means “hospitable”. In Old Russian chronicles it was called “Russian Sea” in other sources “Scythian”. Under the well-known hypothesis the sea got the name “black” because of the fact that during the storm the color of it becomes leady. There is also a Turkish legend which says that in the waters of the sea the hero’s sword rests, capable to wipe out the humanity. It was thrown into the water by desire of the dying magician Ali so that it couldn’t hurt people. The sea is often opposed to that, not wishing to store in its depth deadly weapon and its waters are colored black.

History and Phenomena. As one of the sayings goes, 7,500 years ago the Black Sea was the deepest sweet lake on earth, and its water level was one hundred odd meters lower than the current one.   On the morrow of the Ice Age the water level of the World Ocean raised and the Bosphorus isthmus was broken.  Inundation of the vast land might have become the prototype of the Flood myth.
An interesting phenomenon is observed in August, when phosphorescent plankton noctiluca or Sea Sparkle is activated, and then swimming in the night becomes an unforgettable experience.